Trellith is a tiny Trello clone PWA built with Preact

I made a tiny Trello clone, Trellith to improve my frontend skills. It's built with Preact and TypeScript. Preact is a small and fast alternative to React. Recently it has introduced state management called Signals, which is interesting addition not found in React. I'm looking forward to Preact's future.


Trellith has minimal features of Trello. You can create boards, lists, cards. Moreover, You can reorder them through drag and drop. The major difference is that it is for personal use and doesn't store data in the cloud. Data is only stored in your browser's localStorage.

The most challenging part of the development process was creating the feature to reorder cards through drag and drop. I need to consider many conditions to move a card to the expected position. I learned that services implementing Trello-like drag and drop UI take various factors into consideration.


I have successfuly achieved the initial goal of creating a minimal Trello. Now that I have a suitable environment to experiment with Preact, I plan to add some features.